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Kanyó Dénes
Dénes Kanyó (finswimmer)
2x World Champion
4x European Champion

Hello! I’m Dénes Kanyó, designer of the Murena fin. I was wondering how it would be possible to bring my beloved sport, finswimming, closer to You. As a hobby cyclist does not need to compete at the Tour de France in order to enjoy every moment of cycling or improving their skills or testing their limits – now it is the same with the Murena rubber fins. I heartily recommend this versatile piece of sports equipment for those who wish to compete at the highest level, but even for those who only wish to keep fit and healthy feeling comfortable in the water. I hope that the Murena fin is going to be a true training partner for you in the future.

Debreczeni Hajni
Hajni Debreczeni (finswimmer)
World Champion
4x European Champion

Hello! I’m Hajni Debreczeni, the developer of the Murena rubber fin. In my race preparation and during normal training, it is the Murena fin with which I improve my fitness. Its versatile use, the optimal workload for the muscles, the increased lack of oxygen, preserving the joints are only some of the many advantages of why I use this piece of sports equipment day after day. I recommend these fins to professional athletes and for newcomers to swimming, no matter how old they are. When using the fins, only your or your trainer’s imagination can limit the exercises that can be done with them. However, for a start, we give you some tips.

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