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Adam Bukor - from Slovakia

Adam Bukor

4 times junior World Champion, 3 times World record holder. He use murenafin 80% on his training distance.

On the recommendation of my friend Dénes Kanyó I tried fins Murena. These fins became the perfect partner for my trainings and racings. I became technically better and faster in the water.

Takács Krisztián - Búvársuli SE

Takács Krisztián

He is preparing for his fourth Olympic Games, is a national record holder and one of the fastest sprinters in the world, decided to test the waters in finswimming. This proved rather successful as he won the 50 m BF at the World Cup in Eger.

Vjacheslav Popov from Russia

Vjacheslav Popov

World and European Youth Champion!

Diana Hernandez from club CASA-UCV Venezuela

Diana Hernandez

Two gold medals in Copa FEDESUB sept 27
in Chile swimming with Murena courtesy of ProFins.
Category Master V1
50 bifns and 100 bifins winner

Dan Pedersen from Denmark

Dan Pedersen

I used murena fins at the Danish National Fin Championship – I won 3 gold in the open masters group, using the fins – 50 BF, 100 BF, 200 BF + finish 4th, 5th, 5th in the senior group + made 3 new best times with the fins.

Jakub Jarolim from Czech Republic

Jakub Jarolim

Jakub Jarolim World champion from Czech Republi.

Martin Cibula with his coach Tomás Bartaky from Slovakia

Martin Cibula

Hello everybody,
I just want let you know that my swimmer Martin Cibula (1998) was in final 50BF - 4th place on Junior World Cup (CHANIA) with MURENA fins. His first that kind competition and 0.03s to 3th place and 0.3s to 1.place
We like your Murena fins, thanks

Silvia Barnes from Spain

Silvia Barnes

Spanish Record holder.

Diego Alberto Hernandez Covarrubias from Mexico

Diego Alberto Hernandez Covarrubias

I am Diego Alberto Hernandez Covarrubias from Mexico.
I went to Cuba to compete, in 100m bf.: 48,63, in 50m bf: 22,18 and in 200m bf: 1:47,25. I am very happy with this races and murena fins I broke 2 National Records, and 3 Junior National Records.

Yuta Hasegawa from Japan

Yuta Hasegawa

Hi everyone!
I'm Yuta Hasegawa Japan champion in 2012 (100SF/50BF(Japan record holder).
I have been using the MURENA Fin in every practice, warm up, SF forming and BF Practice the feeling is very good.
Easy to put on a fin, kicking is similar swimming.
The important point is that easy to control the fin.
Let's try it!!!!!!

Davide Brighenti from Italy

Davide Brighenti

I am a freediving instructor, I use them every day in the pool these fins for swimming and training for dynamic apnea. Propaedeutic also to learn monofin swimming. Very fun and fast. When swimming gets boring, they turn it into a nice practice. I recommend these fins to my students.
Thank you very much Murena!!!

Cheoh Pin from Singapore

Cheoh Pin - Singapúrból

I love the turning of bifins! It feels so easy!
I am just wondering if they can be made longer to aid in propulsion. Then it will be perfect for hockey!

Murenafin in Venezuela

Murenafin in Venezuela

Las bialetas de goma Murena, disenadas por el múltiple Campeón Mundial de Natación con aletas, Denes Kanyo de Hungría, son una excelente opción para la práctica y entrenamientos en las actividades subacuáticas. Su creador nos explica las ventajas y diversos usos que se le puede dar a este excelente material deportivo. more

Yaroslav Team from Russia

Yaroslav team

John Levender from England

John Levender

Around 1k short -course finswimming raining yesterday at sportcentral pool at Northumbria uni., with Northern lights fsc. New murena rubber bi-fins throughout. Usual stuff plus sub-surface flipturn practice @ shallow (1,25m depth) end without snorkel. First session for a week so wore 2xu compression tights to keep the legs fresh.
Can recommend:
Murena fins fit me like gloves, nice and flexible but good propulsion!

Zuzia Wieczorek from Poland

Zuzia Wieczorek

Dear Murena!

The first start with MURENA fins my daughter's Zuzia - 8 years old results improved - this fins is super :) :) :)
Next fins to will buy its MURENA FINS!!
Thanks hand

Excellent, who chose us

Kazmer Sarlos - Hungarian national team hockey player

Kazmer Sarlos

After a year of use I have to say that I found the perfect bifin for hockey. Requires som addictive after the traditional fins but as people become accustomed to not want to use anything else. Speed and maneuverability from unbeatable!!

Ágnes Mutina - Jövő SC

Mutina Ágnes

Multiple European and Hungarian champion, National record holder, Olympian swimmer.

Gabor Balog - Dunaferr - DVSI

Balog Gábor

European Youth Championships silver and bronze medalist, Hungarian Champion, Olympian swimmer.

Mátyás Keresztes - Dunaferr - DVSI

Keresztes Mátyás

The Oakland University as a student he training in the U.S.A. . Hungarian national team swimmer, finswimmer.

Dénes Kanyó - Szegedi UBK

 Kanyó Dénes

Multiple World and European champion, World record holder finswimmer. Designer of the Murena fins.

Réka Ladányi - Szegedi UBK

  Réka Ladányi

Selected age groups, age groups Hungarian finswimming champion.

Kaposvári Úszó SE

Murenafin in KUSE

 Kaposvári Úszó SE

Team of Hungarian Champion swimmers and finswimmers.
They use Murena rubberfin on every day.

Muréna Szegedi ÚBK

 Muréna Szegedi ÚBK

Team of Hungarian Champion finswimmers.
They use Murena rubberfin on every day.

Makói Úszó Klub

Makói Úszó Klub

Team of Hungarian Champion finswimmers.
They use Murena rubberfin on every day.

Szolnoki Búvár SE

Szolnoki Búvár Klub

They use Murena rubberfin on every day.

Újbuda BHG

 Újbuda BHG

We are very pleased, as compared to our previous fins, these ones hold our ankles much better, it is a much better fit for our feet, the fins become one with the swimmer.
You can make the upward pull with these fins much stronger, or better put, with these fins you can complete a full kick, however, the end of the fins does not come out of the water as you have full control over them.
You can complete movements of bigger amplitude as the strength is not lost and due to the slightly slimmer form of the fins movement can be much quicker.

Zsuzsanna Felvégi - Szegedi UBK

  Zsuzsanna Felvégi

After several years in masters swimming, now I have competed in masters finswimming meets as well. My old swimmate/coach helped me find my roots again.
It is such a great feeling swimming really fast in fins.
I am very pleased with my Murena bifins, as they do not rub my feet, they are a perfect fit, so I can completely concentrate on swimming.

Botond Ulrich - SZUE

 Ulrich Botond

Hungarian Champion in his age group, Youth Olympic swimming champion.

Dorottya Nagy - SZUE

 Nagy Dorotty

Selected age groups, age groups Hungarian swimming champion.

Levente Farkas - Szegedi UBK

 Farkas Levente

Age groups Hungarian finswimming champion.

Kornél Grúber - Szegedi UBK

 Grúber Kornél

Selected age groups, age groups Hungarian finswimming champion and National Record holder.