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medal   6cm x 6cm bronze medal.

murena fin
the Murena rubber fin

The form, size, flexibility and material of the Murena rubber fin have been developed with the help of experience of decades, considering the anatomy of the human body. The aim is to have the biomechanically perfect harmony with the frontcrawl and dolphin kick and with the arm movements of the different strokes. This target has been completely achieved with the optimal flexibility rubber, which adapts to the bending of the ankle, to the frequency and the amplitude of the kicks throughout swimming. The manufacturing company’s rubber moulding masters created a perfect mixture for the Murena fins. It provides maximum performance and durability without compromises.
The form of the fin, plus the strut and the ribs in the blade provide unique stability and hydrodynamic feature.
The form of the foot part of the fin provides the perfect ankle position for the dolphin and frontcrawl kick. Those who have flexible ankles will feel the perfect technique straight away. Those with a bit stiffer ankles will basically do stretching with each and every kick they perform.

The Murena fin is available in 4 sizes. Size 1 correlates with 32-35 shoe size, size 2 with 36-39, size 3 with 40-44, whereas size 4 with 44-47. Due to the flexibility of the rubber strap the size of the fin can be easily adjusted to the feet. Also wetsuit socks of the right thickness can be used for this purpose. We offer our fins with Velcro straps as well. The Velcro does not effect the efficiency or the lifespan of the fin.

The fins have two flexibility grades. Grade 1 fins are easier to use – the Murena logo should be on top. Grade 2 fins are harder – here the Murena logo should be at the bottom.
Grade 1 fins are easier to be pushed down, the upward pulling movement requires a bit more strength. We recommend this grade for those whose ankles are a bit stiffer or for those who are likely to get cramp in their feet.
However, if you want to achieve real performance, you should use grade 2. Due to the anatomy of the human body, we can kick downwards much stronger, then by pulling up.

Repairing the fins is simple, fast and cheap. In case it gets torn use an SC 2000 type glue and then use the fins for another 10 years even when used on a daily basis.


murena fin
Pictures about fin and snorkel in use

the Murena snorkel
the Murena snorkel

The snorkel is a diverse piece of sports equipment, although it is a very simple device. It is very suitable equipment that can be used in order to improve the technique of different strokes. The swimmer can concentrate all his attention on specific movements. When drilling kick it is much more efficient than a kickboard, as it provides the same body postures as when doing the full stroke.
A whole set of breathing exercises can be done with the snorkels. When teaching people how to swim, it can speed up the learning procedure. In our Video you can see many drills using snorkels either with or without fins.

The snorkel is available in two sizes. The one with smaller diameter is used by children up to the age of 12. The snorkel designed for them provides the sufficient amount of airflow and makes it easier for them to blow the water out of the snorkel. The other snorkel, with bigger diameter, is used by children above 12 and by adults. Its diameter is optimal for breathing and it is still aero. We do not provide a mouthpiece along with the snorkel, as it ruins the correct breathing technique and decreases performance immensely, creates disturbing vibration when swimming at a high speed, and it is rather annoying when diving.